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Gif Recorder (VER 2.0) 

Let me explain what Gif Recorder (GifRecorder) is used for…


You can try to write texts as detailed and exact as you want everyone to understand. Nevertheless, some people asks oneself afterwards: „Mhm it would be nice to see this visually“. Provide customers with a different type of product description. With the help of GifRecorder you can film sequences and present them in animated images. Or you simply want to film your desktop or a program and present it as space-saving as possible on the internet. GifRecorder offers you a variety of possibilities. In addition, you can choose between different encodings. Make your pictures animated. Today!


  • 3 different gif codecs
  • you can change your screenrecording frame size like you want.
  • convert it automatically and fast



(ver 2.0)


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