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Let me explain what Password Manager is used for…


Your passwords are your identity. Password managers store your login information for all the websites you use and help you log into them automatically. They encrypt your password database with a master password – the master password is the only one you have to remember. Password Manager by helps you to keep your privacy safe. Imagine you would write all you passwords to a paper and someone finds it – BIG DISASTER! Now your whole life is in danger. That sounds a bit rough but its true. Perhaps you wrote your banking account informations onto that paper. Your money is GONE! Better choose a safe password container with high encryption standards. Therefor it is more easy to organize your login informations. Never forget any passwords or usernames.



  • 256bit encrypted password containers
  • search your database for specified websites or keywords – easy organized!
  • you can even create unlimeted password containers for all your needs.
  • ABSOLUTLY SAFE – Bruteforce self destroy mechanism.




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